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EduVantage is a fast emerging skill development company founded by alumni of Indian School of Business Hyderabad and promoted by APITCO Ltd. We, as a part of our value offerings, provide a 360-degree holistic soft skills & technical training curriculum designed for the following:

  • Corporations.

  • Working Professionals.

  • Undergrad Students.

  • School Children.


Our flagship programs such as PRE-IMPACT, POWER TALK, SKYHIGH, LAUNCHPAD & PROTON are gaining popularity with each passing day since we create and deliver those programs which matter. EduVantage encompasses the essence of advantage gained by attaining quality skills by individuals who are aspirational towards their career goals, pragmatic about their skill state, diligent about their aim of gaining knowledge and inquisitive to new and pertinent skills.


EduVantage understands the need to grow in one's career and thus we have inducted a team of best industry experts who diligently research their domain and identify the skill gaps on a continual basis and then create skill development modules so as to bridge the gaps. 


INDIA : +91 7838 822 531


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