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Organizations today are faced with multitude of challenges ranging from top line growth, market share, threat from disruptive technologies and the competitor’s ability to up the game. In these difficult scenarios it the quality of the employees who define the strength of the organizations. To achieve a dominant position for the company in the market place it is imperative that the employees are well aligned to the values of the organization and know their role to perfection. The employees of today need to be skilled on a range of skills including communication, customer management, problem solving, conflict management and must possess the leadership qualities to steer their organization in the direction planned.


EduVantage provides this platform to our corporate clients in which not only the employees are adequately trained on our behavioral modules but their progress is also monitored and documented in their journey of quality leaning. Our programs are best suited for the organizations who lay emphasis on quality and result oriented training. We at EduVantage take our responsibilities seriously and have thus crafted the best training programs which will propel your organization by precise and timely employee engagement on the skills in which they are deficient.


We make use of our SMART process to work together and create a unique roadmap to the future you envision. 

The SMART process is a holistic end to end identification and delivery system which starts with mapping of critical skill gap areas and then introduces customized programs based on the needs of your organization. This is followed by time bound delivery and sequential mapping of the impact of our training programs for the employees. It also provides a report on the employee progress and quantifies the impact of our programs on the organization. Find out more about SMART.

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The competencies taught through our SMART process are delivered through 4 different engagement areas. To cover each area, we have designed distinct and effective programs. Select your organization’s area of interest below to learn more.

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