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PRESENT-ABLE™ - (Giving High Impact Presentations)

Course Information


Who Should Attend


Outline of Course

Good presenters are not born they are formed. Once you set out to carve a niche for yourself in the corporate world, what you will need the most is the ability to convey your ideas effectively to people. To be able to master the art of presentation you need to brush a few skills. EduVantage brings to you a great learning platform PRESENT-ABLE in which we cover all aspects of making and delivering powerful presentations. From learning to develop content, handling difficult people & situations and building your confidence we dwell upon every intricate detail that will come in handy once you face your audience. 


Your presentations will be recorded and reviewed at least 5 times and this will help you get an insight on the areas that require improvement which shall be discussed with you in detail

Who should attend


  • Professionals having some prior experience of public speaking and presentation skills training or experience.

  • Professionals having fear of public speaking.

  • Those who need to give presentations frequently.

  • Executives in functions such as sales, front office, spokesperson etc. 


Outline of Course


Module 1 - Creating an Affirmative First Impression


Module 2 - Understanding the art of Powerful Presentations


Module 3 - Using Body Language as a Tool


Module 4 - Communicating with Greater Impact


Module 5 - Responding to Pressure Situations


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