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POWERTALK™ - (Advanced Oral Communications Course)

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Communication is the backbone of success. Effective communicators find it relatively easy to climb up the corporate ladder. You have seen a few of them taking control of the environment around them. These are the ones with whom everybody wants to work, be involved with, befriend them etc.


What do they do different than you? The answer lies in the art of conversation. You can also master this art of conversation and be an effective and the most sought after employee in your organization by undergoing EduVantage’s Workshop on ‘POWER TALK’.


This workshop focuses on the oral communication aspects and helps realign our daily talk into a more effective one. You will be taught to replace normal everyday phrases you use in conversation with more effective ones. The changes proposed will make you an effective communicator from the day one. Watch yourself transform.

Who should attend


Working professionals who want to climb the corporate ladder faster and be an effective communicator should undertake this course. This course is highly recommended for professionals who are shy and find difficulty in striking effective communication.

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