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Great employees are successful too. They become successful by identifying business problems and by proposing optimal solutions to these problems. Albert Einstein, for example, used his own informal variant of Provocation to trigger ideas that led to the Theory of Relativity. But can other’s also do so? Yes, anyone can learn to be technically creative, and use tools which will be taught in the workshop. These tools are designed to help you devise creative and imaginative solutions to problems, and help you to spot opportunities that you might otherwise miss.


There are two main areas to critical thinking: programmed thinking and lateral thinking. Programmed thinking relies on logical or structured ways of creating a new product or service. Examples of this approach is Morphological Analysis. Example of 'Lateral Thinking' is Brainstorming. This workshop will teach you how to use of these tools so as to sharpen your critical thinking skills and how to approach a problem in a structured manner.

Who should attend


Working professionals who want to be effective contributors in their organizations and want to be smart problem solvers. This course is highly recommended for professionals who find it hard to approach a problem in a structured manner and are not given important assignments involving hands on problem solving.

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