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LAUNCHPAD is India's First 360 degree Personality Development Program being offered at school level. Launchpad is structured around the concept of a Finishing School in which the prime emphasis will be laid on Grooming and Personality Development. Launchpad is a progressive program designed for classes 5th to 9th. With each passing year the students are exposed to new and complex scenarios to ensure that the learnings stick with them throughout their lives.

What does LAUNCHPAD involve?


  • Activity based training.

  • Training by certified and trained facilitators who have had an extensive experience of training ranging from schools to corporates.

  • Constant monitoring & individual follow up with the students so as to map the level of competencies developed.

  • Personalized attention to the students.


Key Benefits of the Launchpad Program:


  • Confidence Building – Our programs help in increasing the confidence quotient in the students by exposing them to simulated problems and giving them a pedestal to express their opinions without inhibition.

  • Team Work - Our programs help in building the team spirit amongst youngsters by encouraging them to work in teams using activity based participatory learning modules.

  • Communication – Our programs are specifically targeted to improve the communication quotient of the students by exposing them to the nuances of power and positive talk.

  • Leadership – Our programs help young minds prepare for leadership roles with an aim of preparing them to be global leaders of tomorrow.

  • Professional Orientation – Our programs help in preparing students for a meaningful work life by improving their abilities to manage work, life, stress, anger, time and goals.

  • Personal well-being – Our programs help in improving the ability to manage self and the relationships with others.

  • Being Independent – Our programs also help the students to be independent by improving their abilities like money management, networking skills, etc.


Launchpad Curriculum Design


The program has been designed for the students of classes 7th, 8th and 9th. Students in each subsequent year will be progressively exposed to new and complex scenarios to ensure that the learnings stick with them throughout their lives. The program, depending upon the choice of the school management, can be run in the following ways:


a)  Option 1 (Learning & Development Partner Approach): In this method the program will be made a part of the overall learning curriculum and the school will allocate two periods per week per section of a class to be set aside for the Launchpad Program. In this scenario, the program will be completed over a period of 8 months and the learnings and monitoring can be sustained and mapped adequately.


b)  Option 2 (Workshop Approach): In this method the program will be run in the form of workshops which will be organized once a month for a total of 4 months for each class. The monitoring of the progress and mapping of the competencies desired for the students will be carried out post workshop in the intermittent period between the two workshops.

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