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Learning & Development is an essential part of the career progression. With increasing peer to peer competition & organization expectations, it is imperative that the professionals are adept in handling the new business challenges by undergoing regular skill advancement courses in both the technical and soft skill domains. The next generation of Indian companies are hiring talent from across the world. Do you fit the bill?

We at EduVantage focus on 360° development of professionals and have thus devised a holistic career development plan for you. The broad categories of skill sets which will be developed are:


  • Self-Management Skills – Skills that enable professionals to be effective at managing their overall personality, life and work such as time management, stress, setting and managing goals.


  • Interpersonal Skills – It is also important for professionals to learn how to effectively deal with others: peers, superiors, clients or customers, in order to be successful. Interpersonal Skills help them be a better team player, communicate better, network well, deal with criticism and conflict and be more assertive.


  • Critical Thinking Skills – Critical thinking is an important facet of one’s personality. It is the measure of sharpness and cognitive ability of a person. Having good critical thinking skills ensures that one has both qualitative and quantitative approach towards problem solving.


  • Leadership Skills – With increasing competition, growing complexities and evolving technologies, it is imperetive to be an astounf leader. Our programs offer the opportunity to understand what it takes to be a leader and how to be one.

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