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Do you think you are missing key opportunities? Have you given much thought to what you would like to achieve in your career? Are you still performing the same role for which you were hired for? Do you feel that you could achieve much more? Do you think that the development of your career is out of your hands? After all, you can't get a job, promotion, or project without someone else giving it to you, right?


What you do and how far you go in life is in reality up to one person: you. Great careers don't just happen – if you want a career that excites and challenges you, then you need to plan for it. The good news is that there may be plenty of opportunities available to you in your current role. All you need to do is identify them, and create a strategy to get to where you want to go.


This workshop will acquaint you to the science and art of developing a career strategy and helping you review your strengths, weaknesses, motivators and values. You will also be acquainted with the tools which will help you formulate a great career strategy and ways to achieve your goals.

Who should attend


Working professionals who want a rocket boost their careers. This course is highly recommended for professionals who find difficulty in managing their careers, are frequently faced with career choices, are not yet certain of their present career path and feel a definite need to get out of the present conundrum.

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