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Who Should Attend


Course Outline

Corporate world is all about building relationships and bridges. Businesses now tend to depend upon employees who possess people management skills and are able to represent their organization at all levels be it internal or external environment.


Our communication with the environment around us should be effective and tactful. A working professional should not only be able to work in a team assigned to him but also create new and effective teams. Since professionals have to work in a global workplace, they should also be sensitive towards Gender & Cultures. Negotiation is as much an art as science. Effective negotiation not only creates a win-win situation but also takes relationships to new heights. EduVantage’s ‘Managing Others’ Workshop provides the opportunity to deal effectively with the environment around us by reflecting upon all these skills.


This workshop is designed to create impactful presence by focusing on the essence of good communication, learning tact & diplomacy while dealing with others and understanding team & its dynamics.

Who should attend


Working professionals who want to be star employees. This course will focus on the externalities affecting our work life and our careers. This course is highly recommended for professionals who find difficulty in striking effective conversations, working in teams, negotiations etc.

Outline of the Course


Module 1 - Effective Communications


Module 2 - Tact & Diplomacy


Module 3 - Diversity & Gender Sensitivity


Module 4 - Team Work


Module 5 - Work Ethics


Module 6 - Negotiations & Refusal

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