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In today’s work environment the pay checks are weighed against employee’s productivity, work ethics, time management capabilities, attitude, confidence and personality. It is hence increasingly becoming important to recognize the existing gaps in these traits and work towards them to ensure a complete well rounded personality who is brimming with confidence.


EduVantage’s ‘Managing Self’ Workshop focuses employee’s attention to himself and offers actionable inputs to improve upon. Most of us are not aware of the personality types we possess and thus land into issues with others. This workshop helps in identifying one’s personality type through Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator. Stress in today’s environment is affecting one and all and it is imperative that we are not only trained to identify the tell-tale signs of stress but are also able to manage it to our advantage.


Business Etiquettes and a sense of dressing & grooming envelops our corporate life and affects the necessary ‘Self Projection’. In spite of knowing the advantages of learning these skills a lot of employees are not aware of the small little details which incidentally have large impacts in our professional lives.


This workshop is for the working professionals who would like to climb the corporate ladder faster with minimum impediments. This is a highly recommended course.

Who should attend


Working professionals who want to climb the corporate ladder faster should undertake this course. This course is highly recommended for professionals who tend to have issues with their bosses, peers and friends.

Outline of the Course


Module 1 - Self Awareness (Identifying one’s personality using Myers Briggs personality Type Indicator assessment)


Module 2 - Self Confidence


Module 3 - Motivation & Positive Attitude


Module 4 - Initiative


Module 5 - Goal Orientation


Module 6 - Stress & Anger management


Module 7 - Business Etiquettes


Module 8 - Power Dressing & Grooming

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