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Course Outline

Most professions today need certain specific skill sets that have to be learned in the classroom or through experience. While formal education provides a basic framework to all of us, we still need to invest time and effort in acquiring knowledge, functional skills specific to an industry and general behavioral skills. That's where professional trainers come into the picture.

If you thought that anyone armed with above average public speaking skills and a funny bone could become a Corporate Trainer, think again, because there is more to it than what meets the eye. Here is what you need to know about a career in corporate training:  

Corporate trainers typically find themselves teaching topics that people don't learn in their formal education, such as communication skills, business writing etiquette, public speaking, presentation skills and other  jobspecific functional and technical skills.


In order to teach other people new behaviors, a trainer should develop these abilities beforehand. Also, most importantly, corporate trainers have to deal with mature adult audiences who have their own experiences and perceptions. EduVantage's T-CUBE program is ideally suited for such prospective trainers who want to make a smooth transition to Corporate Training.

Who should attend


Professionals who want to make a transition to education sector as Corporate Trainers/ Freelance Trainers should attend this course. This course is best suited for professionals who have had taken a sabbatical from work and want to get into the job market. This course is also suited for teachers who teaching at schools and college/university levels.

Course Modules


Module 1 - Setting Expectations


Module 2 - Principals of Adult Learning


Module 3 - Facilitation Skills


Module 4 - Training Techniques


Module 5 - Using Training Aids


Module 6 - Planning for Training


Module 7 - Micro Training


Module 8 - Training Evaluation

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