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Management is all about Team Work. Most of the work in corporations is allotted to teams to improve productivity and results. However, most of us are not even aware of the Team Functionality & their roles. Team members and leaders are generally not trained to play their part effectively. Team conflicts & internal politics may affect the performance of a team as a whole. To be an effective Team Player or a Team Leader it is important to understand how teams usually follow a certain pattern of development, how to treat Team members and how to be a part of it.


Team Building module will make you understand the nuances of team building and being a part of an effective team.


This workshop focuses on how, while forming teams, you must create a balance so that there's a diverse set of skills, personalities, and perspectives; how to resolve team conflicts; how to motivate team members & how to avoid common mistakes.

Who should attend


Working professionals who want to Lead Teams and climb the corporate ladder faster. This course is highly recommended for professionals who generally find themselves at the receiving end in their teams and are not aware hoe to manage team members and expectations.

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