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PRO+ is designed specifically for Telecom professionals and it provides the time and space you need to reflect, reinvigorate your current role and advance your aspirations and technical capabilities. The carefully designed modules of this capsule are customized for professionals and are based on subjects and technologies covering not just the legacy and incumbent technologies but also the future in telecom. The course mainly offers to hone LTE skillset while also providing a perspective of 5th generation in telecom or 5G through modules that are carefully designed by industry experts.


This technologically advanced module is engaging and designed in a manner that will challenge your assumptions and disrupt your usual ways of problem solving by introducing you to new ways of troubleshooting.


Recent participants have gone on to:

  • Develop strategies dealing with network planning in a whole new way

  • Reorganize operations to run with greater efficiency

  • Challenge competitors with innovative programs in Design, Deployment and Optimization of Telecom networks.

  • Our PRO Capsules center on the hallmark EduVantage case study method. Through dynamic lectures and small group discussions our faculty engages you in real-world scenarios that build your self-confidence and decision-making skills. Since our faculty are all industry experts, you will acquire an invaluable expert’s perspective as well as new tools for tackling the complex challenges facing your organization.

  • We also cultivate learning opportunities beyond the classroom. Our programs are designed around a "EduVantage for all" model that encourages participation from around the world.

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